About Us

Our History

God brought us, Kevin and Colette Westaby, together with Jaco Leuwner of South Africa while on a mission trip to Croatia with Operation Mobilization in 2007. After much prayer, God put on our hearts to use the inland waterways of Africa to reach the unsaved.

Through this friendship and with the help of two of Jaco’s friends in South Africa, the Passage of Bahar was established. “Bahar” is Hebrew for “God’s calling.” We are being led to follow the calling of God and establish passages in Africa for the Gospel to be spread.

Our Vision

Our vision is to work with African churches to raise up their own missionaries, so they can share the Gospel with their people.

The first passage that God is leading us to is Lake Nyasa, which is 35 miles wide, 360 miles long, and borders four countries. Jaco plans to set up his base camp at the southern end of the lake, near Mangochi.

Since 2004, Jaco has partnered with Pastor Peter who started the Nyasa Mission School. He will help with the training of these local missionaries, and then provide them with small sailboats for their use where roads are impassable for vehicles.

Our mission over the next 3 years is to:

  • Train 100 locals to share the Gospel
  • Place 30 sailboats on Lake Nyasa